Element: Silver

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Element: Silver

Silver Halide crystals darken when exposed to light, which was vital to photography.

Silver Ions and Silver Compounds are toxic to bacteria, algae and fungi. So, silver was stored in contains of water and wine to prevent spoiling.

Melting Point: 961.8° CBoiling Point: 2,162° CCost: Between $23 - $50MetalTransition Metal Family, Group 11


In many cultures and some alchemical texts, silver was associated with the moon. Opposite was Gold associated with the Sun.

Symbol: AGAtomic Number: 47Atomic Mass: 108Number of Protons + Electrons: 47Number of Neutrons: 61

Element: Silver

Origin of Name: Angelo-Saxon name Seolfor or Siolfur, and Latin name ArgentumKnow since Prehistoric Time.

Silver Nirate has been used to prevent infections in burns and other wound, all the way back from chinese emporers. (Don't look up images of this unless you like infections.)

Silver is thought to be the first metal ever used, along with being the strongest metal to conduct thermal and eletrical energies.

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