Element Report: Lithium

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Element Report: Lithium

HistoryLithium was discovered in 1817. A Swedish scientist with the name of Johann August Arfwedson discovered it. He discovered in Stockholm, Sweeden.It is found in all igneous rocks and is a component of many natural brines. Li is the origin of it's name.

Element Report:Lithium

Speacial CharacteristicsMelting Point: 453.65 K (180.50°C or 356.90°F)Boiling Point: 1615 K (1342°C or 2448°F)Density: 0.534 grams per cubic centimeterPhase at Room Temperature: SolidElement Classification: MetalPeriod Number: 2 Group Number: 1 Group Name: Alkali MetalProtons: 3 Neutrons: 4 Electrons: 3Color: Shiny grayOdor: strong smell of metalHardness: hard

FactsLithium's Atomic Number is 3 and it's Atomic Mass is 6.941. There are 3 electrons in Lithium. The way you can figure that out is to look at the Atomic number and what ever the number is that is the amount of electrons. There are 3 protons in Lithium. The way you can figure that out is the same way you find the number of electrons. There is 4 neutrons in Lithium because the way you find it is to subtract the Atomic Mass by the Atomic Number. The element Lithium is a metal.

UsesLithium has many uses in the world today. Three of the most popular uses are the air conditioners, batteries, and medicine. Lithium is used for all of them because it is found pure in the earth.

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