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Element project NEON

What is Neon used for??? Neon is used for tv tubes to make the tv work, It is also used for cryogenics, Neon signs, And lasers for laser tag!!!!!!!


symbol-NeAtomic number-10Atomic mass-20.18boiling piont- -410.9°Fmelting piont- -415.5°F



-Neon is nontoxic-If you gather up all the neon from the rooms in a new tyipal home in the uU.S you would get 10 liters (2 gallons) of neon gas.-Neon forms in stars with a mass of 8 or more earth suns, Near the end of thier lives, these stars enter the carbon burnung phase, also making oxygen, sodium.-Neon has no stable compounds.-If your bollon is filled with neon it will rise in the air but do so at a much slower rate than a ballon filled with helium-Neon has no compounds to fix it to solids or jion with other elements.

-Neon was discovered by William Ramsay & Morris Traver.-In 1898-In a London University Colloge-

Neon is found in the Earths atmosphere, It is also found in gas with mulecules- which is the stuff that makes lasers and Neon signs.

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