Element Project: Chlorine

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Chemical Elements

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Element Project: Chlorine

Uses-table salt (sodium chloride)-purifies drinking water-clorox bleach-used to make paper-treats swimming pools-plastic pvc

Element ProjectChlorine


-twentieth most abundant element- comes from the Greek word chloros which means greenish yellow-1% of the UK's electricity used to be used for making Chlorine

Discovered in 1810 by Sir Humphry Davy, a famous scientist. He disovered several other elements.

Fun Facts


-Part of the Halogens family: Iodine, Flourine, BromineAll are highly reactive, nonmetals. They gain electrons quickly and can exist in all three states of matter.


Atomic Mass: 35.453Density: 3.214gRoom Temp: 25°CBoiling Point: -34.04°CMelting Point: -101.5°C-Has a greenish-yellow color-Forms with metals, alkali metals, and alkali earth metals-Chlorine is a very reactive element

Chlorine is found naturally in a combined state only. Found in the ocean as sodium chloride (also known as table salt). It is made from sodium chloride.

Element Origin

Chemical Properties

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