Element of art project

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Element of art project

ValueThis in basic terms mean the light and dark level of a certain color.

7 Elements of Arts

ShapeCan be defined by edges, and are two demensional figuresFoud in two forms-Geometric shapes-Organic shapes

TextureTexture is the way things feel to the touch of your skin.-Texture can be real.. (it feels like it looks)-Or it can be implied..(where its painted to look a certain way.)

Interactive Color wheel for kids! Click Here

SpaceSpace includes the background, refers to the distances or areas around, between or within things.Two major topics-Negative and positve spaceNear and far space

Shape Game For identification purposes.Click

Color: Primary Color, Secondary color all the colors you see in the world start with just the three primary colors.

LineA line is any mark that goes from one point to the next. There is an endless amount of tools to make a line.

FormThese are 3-D shapes which include the height, width, and depth of a figure.

Identify Shapes 2-d and 3-d Click



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