Element: Mercury

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Element: Mercury

Atomic Number:80Atomic Mass:200.59Melting Point:-37.89 FBoiling Point:674.11 FNumber of Protons/Electrons: Number of Neutrons: Classification: Color:


HISTORYNobody actually knows who discovered Mercury, but it has been around since 1500 B.C.

CHEMICAL PROPERTIESMelting point: -37.7FBoiling point: 675FAble to react with other metals to form compounds, for example:Mercury and GoldMercury and TinMercury and Silver

Societal ApplicationsMercury was used in: thermometersCoolant in Nuclear Power plantsNeon lightsMedicine PreservativeGold extracter

PHYSICAL PROPERTIESDensity: 13.546 g/ccColor: SilverTransition MetalDense enough that Iron floats in it


Atomic Structure

Fun FactThe phrase "Mad as a Hatter" comes from the 1800's when Mercury was used to make hats shiny, and since the hat makers were exposed to it 24/7, they experienced the worst effects.

Mercury is 100% lethal to humans, if ingested contact a local poison control immediatly!

The Mercury we know today is toxic to people and animals, but there were times that it was thought to be beneficial.For example, the first eperor of China took Mercury pills to give him eternal life, but instead ended up doing just the opposite.

The Egyptians used it for medical purposes, thinking that it helped cure disease when in fact was causing it.It actually wasnt until the late 90's that Mercury was classified as "dangerous" by the CDC.The CDC said that it was harmless to the human body and perfectly safe.They ended up recalling that remark when kids injected with vaccines infused with Mercury stated to redecess mentally.


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