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Element: Gold


Element Name: GOLDAtomic Number: 79Element Symbol: AUAverage Atomic Mass: 196.97Number of Protons and Electrons: 79Number of Neutrons: 118

Element: Gold Mada Brielmaier

History of Gold- It is not known who discovered the first gold nugget, but the early Egyptians have records of gold from over 5600 years ago. - You can find gold in its purese element form. It is mostly found in the crust of the earth, but finding gold is close to winning the lottery, you have to be very lucky because you are just finding money. - Electron Configuration: 1s(2), 2s(2), 2p(6), 3s(2), 3p(4), 4s(2), 3d(10), 4p(6), 5s(2), 4d(10), 5p(6), 6s(1)

What does gold look like?- Gold is shiny; therefore people are attracted to it and it looks like it has a lot of worth, which it does. - It is a metal that is very ductile and malleable. The color gold is actually named gold, but it is a shiny, yellow-tan color. - Gold is mostly found as a solid like most metals, but it can also be liquidfied to make materials. - Melting Point: 1064.43 degrees- Boiling Point: 2807.0 degrees Celsius

Why are we attracted to gold? - Gold holds a certain type of wealth and reliability. Gold will not tarnish or rust easily like most metals. No, this does not mean gold cannot be altered. When combined with other elements, compounds can be formed. EX: Gold Flouride and Gold Chloride. - Gold can be used as a form of currency. It can also be liquidfied to be turned into jewlery, coins, IPhones, etc.

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