Electrostatic Spray Painting

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Electrostatic Spray Painting

Electrostatic spray painting allows for an even coat all around.

Electrostatic spray paint in action!

Electrostatic Spray Paint

The law of electric charges is simple. Unlike charges attract while like charges repel. This is how electrostatic painting works. The paint that comes out of the spray gun is charged negatively. Once the particles exits the nozzle, it is spread out evenly and attracted to the postively charged object.

Electrostatic spray paint was invented by a man named Harold Ransburg in the early 1930's. He discovered this process when his saw what a mess normal paint made. He then founded Ransburg Electrostatic Equipment. Today this painting style is used for things such as furniture, cars, bikes and more!

This is how the spray gun works.

Advantages:- it coats more area then a normal spray can-dries quicker- it is more durableDisadvantages:-more expensive than other painting products-it is a highly toxic paint

One way the paint is charged is through a method called direct charging. The way this works is by an electrode that is at the tip of a spray gun. This is bascially a electrical conductor inside the gun that produces a high voltage electricity. Once the particles leave they are then charged negatively.


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