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Electronic field trip

carpenters hall was an important meeting place for patriots early in the revolution. the building was used to create many important things that were used to propell us to revolution.

the tea party was the dumping of tea into the boston harbor.

fort ticonderoga was a british fort captured by fthan allen and the green mountain boys.

Electronic field trip

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the old north church was the site of the lanterns that signaled to paul revere. this was important because they could warn troops faster and save the weapons to fight. the church was also a miracle becuase most high up political positions that could have the power to use the church were taken by loyalists. it was also the quickest way to get the message to paul.

the declaration of indepence was signed here.

the old state house was the seat of the massachusetts legislature untill 1798.

bunker hill was the battle between british and patriot forces in which the british won, but recieved heavy losses.

lexington was the first battle of the revolution with 70 militia vs. 700


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