Electronic Cars - Greener Planet

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Electronic Cars - Greener Planet


Help save the planet

An electronic car is powered by an electric motor instead of an gasoline engine (Berman, 2014). The car uses energy stored in rechargable batteries. which are recharged through common household electricity (Berman, 2014). Historically, electronic cars were not popular because they could not travel far distances before needing to be recharged. However, battery technology has improved greatly - it has become cheaper and holds a greater battery charge. Several automakers are releasing their own line of electronic cars.

What is it?


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What is the difference?

shocking facts!

Burning gasoline creates carbon dioxide, one of the biggest contributors to global warming. Secondly, drilling for oil has been wreaking a havoc on the natural environment, there are a few minor oil spills that occur every day that effects rivers and streams, indirectly endangering people's health (MacEachern, 2015). The electric car requires NO GAS STATION, it is charged using electricity. The electric car has no tailpipe emissions, you do not need to drive your car to a gas station - you can charge it in your own home. In areas with a stronger renewable energy source, such as wind, hydro and solar, the benefits are even greater.

How is it green?

*EV's emit 90% less CO2 than a gas car.*Electricity is as much as 80% cheaper than gasoline.*If you charge batteries at night, you take advantage of the surplus baseload electricity.

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How do electric cars compare?


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