Electrifying Alarm Clock

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Electrifying Alarm Clock

Spinoff technologies are things that NASA scientists modify to make life better for people around the world.

Supplies-Digital alarm clock, prank buzzer, power core (some really strong electricity core), tin foil, and electric charge cord.What we are making-A elctricity digital alarm clock.What's it purpose-If you are like me, you would press the snooze or stop bottom every time the alarm goes off. Now, the alarm will produce a charge (vibrations) to interupt the nervous system and wake the person up. This will help people from being late for work and losing a job, or being late to school and falling behind.

How It Will Work

Be a Researcher

Better Software-Software is a helpful tool that NASA made. It saves a lot of space for files on computers. It helps people by allowing them to take files from home and send them to work or school.

Footware Improvement-This footware is a improved shock-ressistant footware made by NASA scientist. It helps by protecting their feet from any sort off elecricity sorce. It makes life better by scientist studying and not getting hurt so that they get more info for people to learn more about stuff.

Space Garden-A Space Garden is a special kind of flower bed that grows in space. It needs a fertilizer that provides a special liquid that makes plants grow in space. It keeps space people healthy and strong so that their bones don't soften. It is recreated by a flower bed that only grows in the light of the moon.

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