Electricity & Magnetism

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Electricity & Magnetism

Electricity & Magnetism

What is Electricity?

Our Equipment

Sometimes, electricity can be produce by an elecric motor which then sends the electricity through the wires and turns all the lights on.

1)It is the formation of charge particles either in a static accumulation charge or as a dynamic current.

From this process, we ultimatley recieve electricty. Which helps us by either turning on lights, making objects move, or even charging the batteries in out phones. It goes to show that electricity is a very important thing in out life today.

We can convert electricity to other objects by using a circuit


What we recieve!

We use it in everyday life! A good example is the lights in the classroom, they use electriciy.

A circuit gets the particles and has it travel through wires until it reaches to an object like a light bulb. Once it reaches it the light bulb uses those particles to light it up!!!

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