Electric Solar Gas Compressor

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Electric Solar Gas Compressor

DescriptionOn the right we have the Maryland flag because that is the state we live in.On the left we have the Amarican flag because that is the country we live in. Our last names are in the first 2 white stripes of the Amarican flag.There are to baseballs at the bottom because that is both of our favourite sports.The blue on the outside represents my favourite color.The gas and solar is there because it has some stuff to do with our project. :)

USERNAME 1: WintonianUSERNAME 2: Titans32COACH USERNAME: tmcavey

AnswersOur first spinoff was solar panels. The solar panel will power our turbine to process the "gas" though our project.Our second spinoff was heat resistence pipes. They will handle strong "gas"pressure and high tempertures.Our last spinoff is a shock absorbing helmet. The helmet absorbs hits that you get so it wont hurt as bad. People use these in skateboarding, football, etc.:D

Electric solar gas compressorA compressor is a machine that continues the flow of the natural gas throughout the coast of the U.S.The solar panel charges the battery which keeps the turbine running throughout our model.The turbine sucks the natural gas through the pipeline. The natural gas starts out the suction piping then flows through the pipes labeled "flow" then hits the turbine to the discharge piping.Our project helps people that needs gas for appliances and other stuff with solar power instead of electricity. :)

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