[2014] NickHallenbeck (2nd Period US History): Electric Light

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[2014] NickHallenbeck (2nd Period US History): Electric Light

Humphrey Davy made the first electric light. this device he made was called the Arc lamp. It was inveted in England in 1815 its use was for coal mines. He showed it to the Royal society becasue miners kept getting blown up from lit flame lamps hitting methane gas in the mines.

Electric light gives lighting during the night inside and outside. Runs off electricity and is the most common form of artificial light. It was a big essential during the Industrial Revolution and in todays society. There are two families of electric light are incandescent and gas-discharged lamps.

Thomas Edison was the first person to create practical electric light bulb. He was the first inventors to apply principles of mass production and large scale of teamwork to the process of invention. His first succesful light bulb was on October 22nd 1879, it lasted 13.5 hours.

The electric light provided light efficiency across America. It impacted the Industrial Revolution becasue electric lights replaced gas lights and powered factories more efficiently. Electric lights could last for months without changing them and were cost effective and safer.

It affects todays life by letting us have lights on and in vehicles and just about all technology that emits some kind of artificial light. In todays society up to half of electric bill is electric lights. Also in todays life we depend on electric current and technology to beocome more advanced and make new inventions.

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