Election project

by Dessy0518
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Social Studies

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Election project

Popular vote countObama: 62,611,250 % Won: 50.6%Romney: 59,134,475 % Won: 47.8 %Other: 1,968, 682 % Won: 1.6 %

Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney

After ElectionObama promised to reform tax codes. fix the immigration system & freeing ourselves from foreign oil. Romney post election plans wasnt as clear but he isnt going to continue in politics.

Democratic Party: Barack Obama (Honolulu)Previous job before presidency: College professor,community organizer, & state senatorRepublican Party: Mitt Romney (Michigan)Previous job before running for presidency: Governor of Massachusetts

Presidential Election 2012

Electoral Vote CountObama: 332 Romney: 206

Vice Presidential Candidates:Joe Biden & Paul RyanTwo key issues of Campaign:Economy is the most issue talked about in any election The second issue would be taxes, health care, and unemployment.



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