Election 2012

by MrsNorth
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Election 2012

Directions1.Download the vocabulary list and crossword puzzle.2. Read the text on Presidential Elections3. Answer the comprehension questions.


Assignment:1. Choose one issue. Read both candidates' ideas about that issue.2. Pretend you are writing a speech for one of the candidates.3. Use the persuasive writing map at the following site to support your speech:http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/interactives/persuasion_map/4. Create a short video using your speech. You can use a Flip Camera or Digital Camera, then use Movie Maker to produce your video.

Three Branches of Our Government1. Watch Videos2. Create a 3 Branches Inspiration, using the links in the template as your major resource. (You will need to have Inspiration 8 on your computer to access this link.)

Elections 2012

Romney's nomination acceptance speech

Pres. Obama's nomination acceptance speech

Nominees for Vice President