Eleanor`s Everlasting Effect

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Eleanor`s Everlasting Effect

1933 - becomes First Lady1935 - starts publishing her column "My Day"1941-42 - assistant director of civilian defense1945 - FDR dies1945 - US delegate to the United Nations1948 - Universal Declaration of Human Rights1952 - resigns from the United Nations1961- reappointed to UN1961- first chairperson of the President's Commission on the Status of Women1962- Eleanor Roosevelt dies

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was born on October 11th, 1884 in New York City. When Eleanor was 8 her mother died, and then two years later her father passed away. Eleanor went to live with her grandmother until she was 15. She then attended an all girl school in England. When she returned, Eleanor spent much of her time involved in social service projects. She married her distant cousin Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1905. Before her time as First Lady Eleanor was apart of the League of Women Voters, Women's Trade Union League and the Women's Division of the New York State Democratic Committee. When her husband became sick with polio, Eleanor took charge and helped mantain her husband's following. She became active in politics.


~ first, First Lady to hold her own press conferences: only for women reporters~ "the President's eyes, ears and legs" ~ represented the poor, minorities, and the disadvantaged~ traveled the nation and wrote al her adventures in her own column known as "My Day"~ served as Assistant Director of Civilian Defense from 1941 to 1942~ after husband's death, Truman appointed her to the United Nations General Assembly~ chair of Human Rights commission ~ drafted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights~ American representative to the World Federation of the U. N. Associations~ chair of the Associations' Board of Directors~ apart of National Advisory Committee of the Peace Corps~ chair of the President's Commission on the Status of Women

Lasting Impact

Eleanor Roosevelt was known for her humanitarian work. She made an effort to help all people, to promote equality. She worked with women's rights and she worked with the rights of those less fortunate. She is still a role model to First Ladies and women all around the world


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Eleanor's Everlasting Effect




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