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Eleanor Roosevelt

First Lady of the World

Joined National Consumer's LeagueJoined Women's Union Trade LeagueJoined League of Women VotersCo- founded Val-Kill IndustriesStarted a newspaper column called "My Day"She was a U.S. delegate for United Nations(oversaw draft and passage of Unviersal HumanDeclaration of Rights)Headed first Presidential Commision on the Status of WomenServed on the board of NAACPServed on the Advisory Council for the Peace Corps


"No one can make you feel inferior wihtout your consent."

Eleanor redefined what it meant to be a First Lady. She always cared for others, and she dedicated her life to helping people. She volunteered with many organizations such as the Red Cross, and she taught children history and literature. She was a role model to any woman who wanted to be independent. She was very down to earth and was always ready for a service opportunity.

Historic Significance

Birth- 1884Attends school in England-1899Marries Franklin Roosevelt-1905Became First Lady-1933US goes to WWII, she went to visit injured soldiers-1941FDR dies; she makes a speech on civil rights-1945Eleanor dies at age 70-1962She received the name of "First lady of the World"- 1962


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"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

Another great humanitarian woman in today's world is Michelle Obama. She is a lawyer, and also the current First Lady of the U.S. She is a role model to young women everywhere, as was Eleanor, and she speaks out for poverty awareness and healthy living.


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