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Eleanor Roosevelt

The Life of Eleanor Roosevelt

By Montana Josey and Lyndsey Harris

Time Line


Eleanor was born!


Early Life


Troubling Times




Eleanor passed away.


SS3H2 The student will discuss the lives of Americans who expanded people’s rights and freedoms in a democracy.a. Paul Revere (independence), Frederick Douglass (civil rights), Susan B. Anthony (women’s rights), Mary McLeod Bethune (education), Franklin D. Roosevelt (New Deal and World War II), Eleanor Roosevelt (United Nations and human rights), Thurgood Marshall (civil rights), Lyndon B. Johnson (Great Society and voting rights), and César Chávez (workers’ rights).

Eleanor was a shy and awkward child who was born in New York CIty on October 11, 1884.She was the daughter of Anna Hall and Elliot Roosevelt who was the younger brother of Theodore Roosevelt.Her mother died in 1892 and she was sent to live with her grandmother.Her father died two years later after suffering from alcoholsim.She attended boarding school named Allenswood in England at age of 15.

She became engaged to distant cousin Franklin Roosevelt in 1903.They got married in 1905 with Theodore Roosevelt giving her away as the bride.Over the next 11 years, she had 6 children but one son died in infancy.She started her career as a political helpmate at a very young age.She gained knowledge of how the government worked when she served as the assistant secretary of the Navy.

When Franklin developed polio in 1921, she became his sole caretaker which showed her dedication.She also became active in the Women's Division of the State Democratic Committee to keep her husband's interests in politics active.Her life was dedicated to his purpose as President.She did pretty much everything for him to make sure that he was successful since he was debilitated from his fight with polio.She took the role of First Lady to a new level because she knew how the government worked and was very active in the decisions that were being made.She was very friendly and cared about the rights of others. She held press conferences, traveled all over the country, gave lectures and radio broadcasts, and gave her opinions in a newspaper column to make sure that she was being heard.

Famous Quotes"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.""The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.""You must do the things you think you cannot do."

Books to Check Out for More Information:Eleanor by Barbara CooneyA Picture Book of Eleanor Roosevelt by David A. AdlerTime for Kids: Eleanor Roosevelt: First Lady of the World by Dina El NabliEleanor Roosevelt: A Life of Discovery by Russel FreedmanWho Was Eleanor Roosevelt? by Gare Thompson

Franklin Roosevelt, her husband, died in 1945.Harry Truman choose her to head the United Nations Human Rights Comission where she was a spokesperson for the United Nations.She helped draft the Declaration of Human Rights.She became a key figure in the Democratic Party for the rest of her life to ensure that her husband's political opinions were still being recognized.in 1952 and 1956, she supported Adlai Stevenson's campaigns for president.She died in 1962 and was buried beside her husband.


Visit this website for a more complete timeline of Eleanor Roosevelt's life:http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/features/timeline/eleanor/


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