Eleanor Roosevelt

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Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt

Wind Eleanor Roosevelt was the First Lady and she was very patriotic. The flag represents our country.

Food Eleanor Roosevelt's favorite foods were hot dogs and pie. El pan de los muertos is the bread of the dead. It's used to celebrate the Day of the Dead.

Fire Fire represents her strength because she never gave up on her fight for Women's Right's and racial equality.

Water Eleanor Roosevelt traveled over many oceans to visit U.S. troops during WWII. She was the only First Lady to do that alone without the president. Water on an altar represented purity.

Eleanor Roosevelt was and avid writer. She had her own advice columns in magazines and newspapers. She also wrote articles for many magazines.

Eleanor Roosevelt was a subject for many movies in the 1930's. Movies were a form of entertainment and they often taught you something in the 1930's.

Eleanor Roosevelt helped the American Red Cross in World War I. She helped care for wounded soldiers that had been sent back home.

Eleanor was born on October 11th, 1884. She died on November 7th, 1962. She became First Lady in 1933.

Eleanor Roosevelt was a member of the Episcopalian Church. This is their church's sign .


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