Eleanor Roosevelt By: Katrina Ulbrich

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Eleanor Roosevelt By: Katrina Ulbrich

Eleanor Roosevelt and how she inspired peolpe.

Eleanor Roosevelt's Life


Eleanor Roosevelt was born

Eleanor's first infection was in 1919 of Tuberculosis.

During 1933-1945 she was first lady. She was the longest lady to be a first lady.

She was born in Oct. 11, 1884Born in New York Citty


She goes to collage


Eleanor's Wedding



Eleanor as First Lady

Eleanor Roosevelt died.

She hold confences, traveled to all parts of the contry, gave lectures, and radio broadcasts.

At the age 15 Eleanor went to Allenswood in south west London near Wimbledon.

Her family was very wealthly. In her childhood her mom calls her a ugly duckling.

Her husband is Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was her fifth cousin. The day was March 17. In New York City.

Eleanor Roosevelt died by Tuberculosis in Nov. 7, 1962. She was buried next to Franklin D. Roosevelt. She was buried in Hyde Park.

She finished collage three years later. "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people."

Franklin had an affair with Lucy Mercer in 1918. His mom Sara found out.


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