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Eleanor Roosevelt

Time Line


Anna Eleanor Roosevelt is born



Eleanor becomes the First Lady



Eleanor dies

Eleanor Roosevelt Eleanor was one of the most powerful women in twentieth-century America. She was an astute politician, dedicated feminist, and champion of the rights of minorities.

Eleanor beacme the First Lady of the United States on March 4, 1933 through April 12, 1945. She set out to redefine the position. She was the first presidential spouse to hold press conferences. She frequently made personal apperances at labo meetings to reach out to Depression-era workers.

Eleanor gets married

Eleanor did work beyond the White House. She was a chairman of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. Eleanor did work of social justice on her time. She was committed on working with all people. She wanted for everyone to be treated the same.

Eleanor Roosevelt died on November 7,1962. Her death was a result of cardiac failure. She had a case of bone marrow tuberculosis. Eleanor may be gone, but her legacy will live on forever. She was a brave soul who took on her fears. She is an inspiration for young girls who feel not as glamorous.

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was born on October 11, 1884 in New York City. She was called Eleanor. Her parents and one of her brothers died while she was young. Eleanor was a shy, serious, less glamorous looking child who rarely smiled.

Eleanor married Franklin Delano Roosevelt on March 17, 1905. Eleanor and Franklin had six children together. Eleanor did not have the best relationship with her mother-in-law, Sara. Sara often got between Eleanor and her children.

Eleanor entered the White House during the Great Depression. She worked her hardest to make a change. She reached out to those who were affected by the Great Depression.

Eleanor serves at the UN


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