[2015] Mia Straatman: Eleanor Roosevelt

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[2015] Mia Straatman: Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor married Franklin Delano Roosevelt ( Franklin D. Roosevelt) after being secretly engaged for a year. The wedding was in March, 1905. Her children were Anna, James, Franklin Jr. (died), Elliot, another Franklin Jr., and John. Franklin worked in a Wall Street law firm, and then as a Senator. He became the President of the United States. As First Lady, Eleanor hired a social worker, named Lucy to help with the family. After a few months her husband went to a army base and got double pneumonia. Franklin could never walk again. When they moved in to the White House, Eleanor found love letters sent between Franklin and Lucy. Eleanor felt rejected and embarrassed, so she told told Franklin's mother that he was cheating on her. But they didn't get a divorce. Some of Eleanor’s careers and jobs were being the First Lady, working in the Red Cross, being a social worker, teaching poor children, and being the lead woman in ‘League of Women Voters’. Some of Eleanor’s challenges were that her husband got polio and he was paralyzed, he couldn't use his legs anymore. Also when Franklin was President the Great Depression was going on. Many people were out of work. Another challenge was that it broke Eleanor’s heart to see people struggling to live and thrive. The very sad part is that just before the end of World War 2 her husband Franklin had a stroke and died.

Some of Eleanor’s influences were her mother, her husband Franklin D. Roosevelt, Marie Souvestre, Eleanor’s favorite teacher in London, and all the people in the United States. Eleanor’s impact on the world was that she was one of the people who worked on guarding human rights. She also tried very hard to make the world a better place. She wrote a daily newspaper about poverty, education, and the changing roles of women in society. She was very involved and wanted to learn about how the people were struggling and she helped them get a better life. Eleanor worked for the Red Cross during World War I. She traveled all over the country to see working conditions. More than half of the time it was very unsafe for the workers. Eleanor created the National Youth Adminstration during the Great Depression to help create jobs for college students. Later in life she worked for the United Nations.

Challenges and Influences


Eleanor wanted to help people in need and she did. She became the first, First Lady to get deep into political business. She was very social and stood up and spoke up for what she thought was right. She was the leader of womens rights too. Eleanor held press conferences for women reporters. She held more than 200 conferences. Normally, the women she helped were homemakers meaning they that they were stuck in their homes doing jobs and they didn't know about what was going on in the world. Homemakers were three fourths of the women she helped during her wonderful life.


Eleanor Roosevelt was born in New York. She had two wealthy parents. Sadly, her brother and her parents died when she was under the age of ten. She had three siblings. Unfortunately, Eleanor had a pretty sad childhood. Her parents called her an ugly duckling and granny, since she dressed like a granny. Also, her father was drinking too much. Her father died because he was drunk. He fell down a staircase and went into a coma. He died a day later. Her mother and one of her brothers died because they got a disease called Diphtheria. When Eleanor was seven her mother hired a private tutor for Eleanor. She became an orphan at age 10.When she was old enough she went to London to finish her schooling. When Eleanor first arrived she was very nervous and was suffering from bad headaches. After after a few months she became very comfortable. Eleanor met a teacher named Marie Souvestre. They became almost best friends. When Eleanor reached 18 she left school. Some of Eleanor’s dreams were to help the world become a better place. Also she wanted all women to have a voice in the world. Eleanor was gifted in many ways, here are a few of her gifts. She was very serious about her jobs and was very good at speaking to a large crowd about what she thought was right!.


Eleanor Roosevelt

By: Mia S.


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