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Eleanor Roosevelt 2

Eleanor Roosevelt by Kem Knapp Saywer

Character Trait 1 Evidence #1: "Eleanor's family had always encouraged her to spend more time with those less fortunate"(Sawyer 21).Character Trait 1 Evidence #2:"On Thanksgiving she and her father would help serve dinner"(Sawyer 21).Character Trait 1 Evidence #3: "Every year she went with her grandmother to the babies' ward at a hospital to trim the Christmas Tree" (Sawyer 21).

Character Trait 1 Evidence #4:"She also went with her Uncle Vallie to decorate a tree in Hell's Kitchen, one of the poorest slums in New York." (Sawyer 21).Character Trait 1 Evidence #5:"Aunt Pussie and Aunt Maude took her to the Bowery Mission, a shelter for the homeless, where they would sing carols for all who gathered there" (Sawyer 21).

Character Trait 2 Evidence #1:"Eleanor waited patiently for her father to return" (Sawyer 7).Character Trait 2 Evidence #2:"Anna(her mother) died on December 7, 1892, before Elliot(her father) was able to return to New York"(Sawyer 17).

Character Trait 2 Evidence #3:"She took a special intrerest in these children because she herself had had to wear a steel brace to help cure a curvaure of her spine"(Sawyer 21).


Character Trait 1

Eleanor Roosevelt has many different heroic traits that are used to descibe her. I say this because throughout her life she was a very influential lady. She also supported herself as well as others. The first way that I would describe her is that she was very SELFLESS.

Character Trait 2

Birth & Death

-Eleanor Roosevelt was born on October 11, 1884-She died on November 7, 1962

Another trait that Eleanor Roosevelt has is that even throught the tough times that she had in her life she was COURAGEOUS!!!

Character Trait 2 Evidence #4"After learning that her father had died, she refused to believe that he was gone" (Sawyer 22).Character Trait 2 Evidence #5"At the age of 15, Eleanor boarded a ship that would take her to England" (Sawyer 26).


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