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Eleanor and Park

BOOKElenor and ParkBy:Rainbow RowellLauren Ruth

The story has two narratives Elenor and Park. Elenor is a sixteen year old girl who has a large figure and red curly hair. Park is a slim, half korean who is sixteen years old. The two meet on a bus going to there new school in Nebraska. Park was the only one on the bus nice enough to let Elenor sit with him. They both bond over reading comic books and listening to mix tapes. Both kids are the target of bullying at school. This was just the beginning of a love story.



There are many themes to this story. The theme that stood out most to me was to not let yourself suffer. During this story Elenor faced many challanges. She was abandoned by her mother, forgotten by her father, and threatened by her step dad. Elenors mom is abused on a daily basic by her husband. Elenor suffers throughout the book and does not speak up for help.


Elenor Dougless, Park Sheridan, Richie, Sabrina Eleanor's Mom, Jamie Sheridan, Mindy, Tina, Steve, Josh, Ben, Maisie, Mouse, Richie JR, Mr Stessman, DeNice, Beebi and Cal

The story takes place in a small town during the 1980s. The main places in this bool are Elenors house and there school.

I would reccomend this book to others. It discusses hard and demeaningful issues in the book. It tells the love story of two teens facing a hard time. It really kept me anxious to keep reading. The book represents what true friendship really is. The two lovers stuck together no matter what they were going through. The only thing I did not like about this book was that it ended too soon.



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