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Eleanor and Park

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an outcast at your school? In the novel Eleanor and Park it is about two kids who fall in love even if it is the last thing they ever wanted. Eleanor never wanted to become friends with him in the first place and now she is in love with him. Park he didn't want to even sit near her and now he can't get her off him mind. These two kids never wanted this to happen, but since it did are happy with the outcome. Will they stay together? Will they end up together for ever?

Stars and Characters

Eleanor and Park Rainbow Rowell

"I promised that I wouldn't fall in love with her but that was a lie"-Park

Characters And Stars

"He made me feel like no one else has ever before"-Eleanor

Eleanor- Lily CollinsPark- BooBoo Stewart Tina- Sophia BushEleanor's mother- Jennifer AnistonPark's mother- Meryl StreepPark' father- Brad Pitt Steve- Liam Hemsworth Richie- Tom Cruise


"Park I don't like you." Eleanor said to park that night at Parks house. Then she says " park I think that I live for you"she said with a smile.


If you don't like romance novels or lovey cute booksthen this book is not for you. I would give this book a 5/5 star rating because it show even if you don't like a person in the beginnig you can become best of friends or even more then that. Eleanor and Park is a book that shows how two starcrossed lovers can find a way to be happy even if it is the hardest thing to do. The genre is realistic fiction. This story. Can make you cry so if you don't really like sad stories then it is not the book for you. I would have to say that this book is one of my favorites book and one of the bests that I have ever read.

"Eleanor was right she wasn't pretty she was like a piece of art work. She was like something I had never seen before she was like she justed walked off a piece of art work. She was one of the most beautiful people I had ever seen." - park

About the author

Rainbow Rowell is the author of Eleanor and Park and the also really good book Fangirl. She was born in Nebraska she has always loved writing books. She writes books for teens and young adults. She is 40 years old and loves writing ndreamworks has given her a deal to make of her books a movie.

"even though I don't admit it Park was the best thing that had ever happened to me."-Eleanor


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