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Eleanor and Park

The book starts on the morning of Eleanor's first day of a new school, since she just moved into town. She goes on the bus, but there is almost no seats available. She ends up having to sit next to a 16 year old boy named Park. They neither talked, or made eye contact. As the book continues, we learn that Park and Eleanor have completly different backgrounds. On the bus, Eleanor began to read over Park's shoulder, and eventually they became friends that turned into romance. During some tough times in her life, Eleanor has to learn how to cope. She is being bullied by her classmates, and has difficulties at home. Eleanor realizes she can't go home again because of Richie, so Park drives her to her uncle's house. After 6 months without Eleanor, and attending prom without her, Park receives a post card in the mail. The postcard contains three words. The author does not specify what those words are, but figured the readers could guess.



I think the theme of Eleanor and Park is "never judge a book by it's cover." When Park first met Eleanor, he did not feel any need to talk to her. He was actually annoyed that he had to share a seat on the bus with her. Eventually though, they fall in lovce. This teaches people not to just take one look at someone and automatically make your judgement. Get to know the person, and maybe they won't be who you think they are.


The two main characters in Eleanor and Park, are two teenagers named Elenor and Park. Eleanor Douglas is a very nice girl who stands out among the crowd. She has bright red hair and has many freckles. She is 16 years old and just moved to a new town. Park Sheridan is a 16 year old teenager. He is half- Korean. Park met Eleanor on the bus on Eleanor's first day of school. Park gets along with the popular kids, but is not popular.

Eleanor and Park takes place in Omaha Nebraska, in the year 1986.

This book is a good read. I think the group of people that would find it most interesting is teenage girls. I liked how the book used many short chapters, rather than a few long chapters. This book almost seems like a real story, and those are the books I like, so I enjoyed reading it. I recommend this book.



Eleanor and ParkBy: Rainbow Rowell

Emily Traae Period 5

Rainbow Rowell

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