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THE ROSWELL INCIDENT - by Penelope Z. 10 May 2010In July, 8 1947, in Roswell, New Mexico residents saw something in fire falling from the sky. The next day, a farmer found some crashed metals in his field which was burnt and took them to show them to his family and friends. After looking closely in one of the metal pieces, he saw some strange writing on it.The words and the alphabet which were written on it, look like ancient Greek! After that, the farmer gave the metal pieces to the police who discovered that it wasn't a metal which we can find in Earth.'It can't be from Earth, it must be a UFO.' everyone said. Some days after, other farmers, discovered some seriously injured bodies.After a few days, they took the metal pieces and the strange bodies to the army and tested them.The army said that the metal pieces belonged to a 'weather balloon' but lots of people believe that it was a spaceship and the bodies were aliens.No one knows the true story because all documents have been destroyed.

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