Elbridge Gerry

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Elbridge Gerry

Elbridge Gerry

Early Life

-Born on July 17th, 1774 in Marblehead, Massachusetts- He was the third out of the 12 children- Son to a wealthy merchant, Thomas Gerry- Educated by private tutors- Attends Harvard College at the age of 14- Recieved his Bachelors and Masters degree in 1765- Joins his father and brothers in the export buisness

Personal ' Physical Traits

- Small- Thin- Hawklike nose- Squint in his eye-Stutter-Extremely smart and well educated-Agressive-Suspicious-Antagonizer-Unpredictable

Jobs ' Political Positions

- Follows in father's footsteps by becoming a wealthy merchant-Due to his dislike of Parlimentary taxes, he becomes a member of the Marblehead Committee- Samuel Adam's protege- Formed Marbleheads Committee of Correspondence- Major role in supply deliverey from Marblehead to Boston- Elected to Provincial Assembly, assigned to Committee of Safety- Served in Second Continental Congress-Joins Confederation Congress- Vice President to James Madison

Role at Constitutional Convention

- Played a major role- Supported state and federal governments working together and shaping each other and their roles- Opposes large armies and a strong central government - Refused to sign the Consititution because it supported a strong federal government

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