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Elastic Heart

Camera Work: the video begins with a master shot of a big, white room with a giant bird cage in the middle and Maddie and Shia on either side. It then cuts slowly to a mid shot of Shia looking dirty and upset, then over to Maddie looking angry. The entire video consists of the same thing over and over, with long shot to mid shot to close ups. This is to capture the dancers places in the cage, their movements and then their facial expressions as it's an emotional song. Although there is one birds eye shot as Shia swings from the tops of the cage and looks down. The video also looks as though it was done in one shot, although it couldn't be as the cameras moved too much.

Editing: the editing is very simple with no fancy cuts or special effects as it's a simple, concept video. However it does still match the beat as it's a slow song and the dancing doesn't fit as well as the cuts but that's what makes it unique. There are a few slow motion moments to capture their facial expressions also.

Mise en Scene: this is also very simple as it's located in just one building and in one setting throughout the whole video. The colour scheme and lighting is also all one colour which is white, to show innocence of the little girl and purity. Maddie's costume is her famous nude leotard that she wore in Sia's previous video Chandlier, but this time it's all ruined and muddy. To match Maddie, Shia wears nude underwear which is also muddy and so is his chest. There are no props used except for the big bird cage that they dance in, nor is there any fancy makeup except the dirt as it's not needed.

Sound: the song talks about a failed relationship, that Sia has said was about her father and herself as a kid whom Maddie and Shia play. She references war a lot - "Wanted to fight this war without weapons". She also says she has lost all trust in this person which has also made her trust nobody - "I'll trust noone". But also nothing this person says to her from now on will get to her nor will she let them see her hurt - "I've got a thick skin and an elastic heart, but your blade it might be too sharp". Throughout the video Maddie and Shia's dancing demonstrate how Sia is feeling and what the relationship was like.

Elastic Heart - Sia

Record labels and Directors: Sia is signed to Sony Music's sub label called Dance Pool, that is not as well known as others but still respectable. The director of this video was Daniel Askill and actually Sia herself. Askill is not a well known director but he has done 3 of Sia's music videos that all have a similar style and concept, with Maddie and dancing. Also, the video was choreographed by Ryan Heffington.

Music video styles: this video is very unique and idea based as it's just two dancers in a giant cage moving around the room trying to break free. There's also a narrative element but instead of doing the literal actions they show it through dance and emotions. This video is different to any other typical pop videos you see on tv these days and I love Sia's style. Although I cannot see our final music video having much influence from this but it'd be different for us to do something simple yet very effective and meaningful.

Representations: stereotypes are both met and challenged when it comes to age in this video, as Maddie is the lead dancer yet the youngest. She also seems to be the one angry and dominant whereas Shia is the older male and looks sad and weak, also he follows her around the cage. This also leads to breaking gender stereotypes that females are weaker and men are stronger and the leaders.

Andrew Goodwins Theory: Sia is part of the alternative pop genre, but there isn't a stereotypical dance routine you'd usually see in other pop videos. There is an odd relationship between the lyrics and visuals as it's told differently as the dancers represent Sia's emotions throughout the song. The shots cut in time with the beat and the dancers actions are very slow during the verses, and then when the chorus speeds up their actions and movements become big and fast, meaning theres a relationship between music and visuals also. As Sia herself isn't even in the video there are no demands of any close ups of the artist. Sia's newfound iconography is to always have Maddie Ziegler dance in her videos with the white wig and leotard.


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