Elaine Massacre

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African-American History

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Elaine Massacre

Gov. Charles Brough

9/30/1919 - Progressive Farmers and Household Union of America meeting9/31/1910 - Phillips County Sheriff sent out posses to arrest all who were invoved in the shooting.10/1/1919 - Phillips county authorities sent telegrams to Gov. Brough requesting troops. 10/2/1919 - 500 battle tested troops from Camp Pike arrived in Elaine, Arkansas.

“The situation at Elaine has been well handled and is absolutely under control. There is no danger of any lynching…. The white citizens of the county deserve unstinting praise for their actions in preventing mob violence.”

Elaine Race Massacre 0f 1919


The Elaine Twelve

Stockyard where African Americans were held: men, women, and children


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