El Tremendo Guandú Restaurante

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El Tremendo Guandú Restaurante

INGREDIENTS12 cups of water1 pound of roasted chicharroncitos and diced (optional ) 1 pound of salt beef 1/2 pound of Guandú soaked the night before 1 pound of peeled and chopped yam 1 ripe plantain sliced 1 peeled and chopped cassava 1 cup of stew with onions, scallions , garlic, tomatoes , salt and pepper to taste.

SpecialtySancocho de Guandú with Carne Salada

In Barranquilla we can try a delicious bowl of sancocho de guandu with carne salada in the typical restaurant El Tremendo Guandú which is also a authentic museum of old Barranquilla, with characters and stories that invite old people to remember with longing and young people unravel past and now.

PREPARATION - fire in a pot , cook the Guandú with salt beef until tender about 1 hour. -Add the plantain, yam and cassava peeled and cut into small pieces and add the stew , continue cooking for 30 minutes or until everything is cooked, stirring frequently to rid the ingredients and give consistency to soup . - Rectify the liquid and salt level, remembering that the meat is salty. It should be a thick soup. - A few minutes before serving, add the chicharrones ( to taste). - Finally Serve in bowl or clay pot. Each plate should contain the supplies of sancocho, served with a portion of white rice.

For Only$25.000

Located on Carrera 43 # 74-141, open from Monday to Sunday from 11 AM to 04 Pm . Phone: 300 3812081

El Tremendo Guandú Restaurant


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