El Salvador

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El Salvador

El Salvador

This is the El Salvador flag. It has to blue strips,one white strip, and in the middle there is something called the coat of arms. There are also words in the middle which says República de el Salvador en la América Central

La Bandera

El Mapa y La Capital

This is the map of El Salvador. On the map you can see the you can see the capital San Salvador. It is the second largest city in Central America. It is home to third of the people that live in El Salvador

The average rainfall in El Salvador in 182 in or 72 inches. In El Salvador the climate will vary on how high you are. Usually the hottest it will is 90° F and the coldest it can get is 64° F.

El Clima

La Tierra

The terrain in El Salvador is mostly mountainous, has a narrow coastal belt, and a central plateau.

This is a pupusa it is made out of a flatbread. It could be filled with cheese, chicharrón, squash, or refried beans.

This is called sopa de pata. This soup is made out of  cow’s feet, tripe, yuca, chayotes, sweet corn, bananas, and green beans.

This is called a tamale. It is made out of masa dough which they steam in banana leaves.

This is called cassava. It is a woody shrub. They also use it in many other spanish country's but they call it something different.

This is a quesadilla. It is a tortilla that is filled with cheese and sometimes meat.

Datos ÚnicasThe torogoz is the national bird The indigo flower was a very important crop during the colonial periodThere are only to seasons in El Salvador the dry season and the wet season


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