El Salvador

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El Salvador

El Salvador

The Capital of El Salvador is San Salvador

Abosloute Location:13'55'' N88'55'' W

Relative Location: Western edge of Central America

Cerro el Pital

Playa La Libertad

Chorros de Calera

San Miguel


Currency: U.S Dollarsfertile volcantic soil- good for coffeeDepends mainly on agriculture Imports raw materials, fuel, food etc

Tourist Attractions!

El Boqueron National ParkLake CoatepequePaseo El Carmen

Pupusas -(( thick corn tortillas stuffed with cheese, meet, squash, and/or other fillings))

Population: 6.34 million

Flag Meaning-Blue Stripes represent Pacific ocean- White stripes symbolize peace- State coat of arms based on the coat of arms of the former United Provinces of Central America

climate:tropical weatherrainy and dry seasons

Salvador Sanchez CerenEstablished on September 15, 1821


The Pipil Indians are thedescendants of El Salvador. They migrated to El Salvador in the11th century. Pedro de Alvardo soon conquered the country. El Salvadorwon it's independence from Spain on September 15, 1821


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