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El Salvador

1. Most landowners often refuse to pay women for their labor2. There are 9 times as many people per square mile as in the United States3. It is the 99th most populated country in the world4. Its area is 21,044.8 km

El Salvador's flag

Pedro de Alvarado

Map of El Salvador

The main sport in El Salvador is soccer(futbol). The main soccer clubs in El Salvador play in the Primera Division, which is made up of the top ten clubs. The Estadio Cuscatlan is the major stadium in the capital city San Salvador.

El Salvador


Common food found in any houserhold would be beans, bread, corn, and rice. A very popular food in El Salvador is pupusas (corn-meal tortillas stuffed with cheese, chooped meat, beans, and spices). Sometimes, if you have enough money, you can afford dairy or meat.

The music in El Salvador is a mixture of Pipil (the indigenous people who live in El Salvador) and Spanish influences. The religious music is mostly Christmas songs and feast day of the saints songs. Cuban, Colombian and Mexican music have migrated there, especially salsa, and cumbia (the music from native Colombians and Panamanians). El Salvador"s most famous folk dance is known as Xuc.



El Salvador is the third largest Central American country in population but is the smallest in area. San Salvador is the county's capital. El Salvador has many phyical feautures like mountains, volcanoes, valleys, and lakes. Surrounding the country is Guatemala to the northwest and Honduras to the northeast. To the south of El Salvador lies the Pacific Ocean. The country's population is 6,290,420.

Estadio Cuscatlan


These are folkdancers in traditional dress




Fun Facts

In 1525, Pedro de Alvarado and Spainish soldiers conquered El Salvador fromSpain. He named the capital city after San Salvador del Mundo which means Holy Savior of the World. In the 1940s, Salvadorans moved from rural areas to urban districts. About 300,000 other Salvadorans settled into Honduras. The Honduran goverment kicked them out, causing a brief civil war in 1969.


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