El Greco

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El Greco

Born in 1561 in Crete.His real name was Domenikos Theotokopoulos.El Greco means "the Greek".El Greco had criticized Michelangelo’s artistic abilities, which led to him being ostracized by the Roman art establishment.The dean of the Toledo Cathedral told El Greco to paint the cathedral ceiling, the pieces that he painted became his most famous pieces of artwork.Created the first ladmark in Spanish history in 1597.


1565-Understudied Titian a famous reowned painter1570 - Move to Spain and started his paintings1572 - Joined the painter's academy1576 - Moved back to Toledo, Spain1578 - Successful career started

Created the first Spanish landmark in 1597.Establishes a prestigious corporate workshop in 1585.Known as one of the greatest religious painters, still to this day.

Lasting Impact

He was Picasso's main influence. Also, his painting sparked great religion in Spanish and European Cultures.




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El Greco



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