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El Greco


1541: Born in Crete1565: Studied under Titian1570: Moved to Rome to start his own studio, but was unsuccessful1576: He decides to moveto Spain1576-1614: Settles in Toledo, Spain and completes his best works there1614: Dies in Toledo, Spain without fame or fortune

El Greco was born with the name Domenikos Theolokopoulos in Crete on the year 1541. His father was a middle class merchant, there are no known mentions of his mother, and his older brother grew up to be a merchant like his father. Around the age of 20 he was tutored by Titian, a renowned artist of the time, then truly began his art career.


His older brother and father were successful merchants and there are no mentions of his mother.

El GrecoBy: Cameron Dotson


Domenikos Theotokopoulos, more famously known as El Greco, was an extremely influential Renaisssance Painter. He created the first landscape painting in Spain, had a heavy impact on artists such as Picasso, and still influences cubist and abstract art today.


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