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EL Greco

- Born in Crete, Greece (1541)-Died in 1614-Went to Venice (Western art, Titian & Tintoretto)-Moved to Rome (mannerism vs. naturalism)-Moved to Spain (in his 30's)-Expressionism, cubism-His art contained unnaturally long figures and strong contrasts of color and light

Role in the Renaissance

1566 -Dormition of the Virgin1579 -The Disrobing of Christ1588 -The Burial of the Count of Orgaz1600-View of Toledo1614-The Opening of the Fifth Seal

-His artworks inspired cubists like Picasso to German expressionists to the abstract impressionists-One of the artists who enjoyed popularity during his lifetime-Unique art: criticized Michaelangelo

My Favorite Artwork

View of Toledo (1600).Renaissance Man: good at painting, scultping, architectureShows expressionism


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El Greco: Doménikos Theotokópoulos



Sample Works

Laokoon, 1610

The Burial of Count Orgaz


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