El Dorado, The Lost City

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El Dorado, The Lost City

It all started, in 1530 when Tupac, the Emperor of Aurum, was fighting against death. His knew what was approximating and that they should choose a new ruler. They were all fighting for the thrown, so they came with a decision, every contender would enter the gloomy jungle and the first to come out alive would be named the new emperor. Almost all the empire believed that Atahualpa would be the one to survive because he was the toughest and also the closest to Tupac.

The day everyone was waiting for arrived. The day before Tupac died after fighting his illness. The contenders were all in the jungle and the people was waiting for the first to come out and know his new ruler. The competition last many hours, many people left the place where they were planning to celebrate. Capac, the least expected to win the competition, was the only one who survived. Everyone was surprised and others were afraid of what he was able to do now. He was known by his obsession of superiority and as materialistic.

In order to show his superiority he decided to built an empire made out of gold. He wanted to prove that he was more powerful than God and his empire was greater than heaven. He started building his empire losing workers day by day until he was left alone because of his ambitious attitude. He continued building it by himself and after giving the last touch he received and unexpected visitor. While Capac was still shocked by the prescence of God, God told him that anything could be perfect as heaven and that no one could be as bright as him. So, because of his foolish actions he was left by himself in his gold city without any path for getting in or out of the city, that is why the location is unknown.

El Dorado, The Lost City


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