el dia de los muertos

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el dia de los muertos

El Dia de los Muertos...The Day of the Dead...

Scavenger QuestionsAnswer these questions on your own paper.1. What days are celebrated?2. What are the names of these days?3. What are the differences on these celebration days?4. What is a “calacas”?5. What are some of the traditions during the Day of the Dead?6. What are the origins of the Day of the Dead?7. What are some of the things you put on the altar?8. Why do they put food on the altar?9. Who eats the food?10. What does the “pan de muerto” symbolize? 11. Find 10 words related to Day of the Dead. (Written in Spanish and English please)12. What is a sugar skull?13. What are the colors of the candles used in this celebration?14. What does each color represent?15. What is “papel picado”? 16. What is the name of the flower used most on this day?17. Why is this flower used and what is it used for?18. What is the purpose of the Day of the Dead?

Scavenger Hunt Links

Let's begin...Click on the attachment below (paper clip) and use the links provided to read and reflect about the Day of the Dead!

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Sra. KP's Presentationis attached to below. (paper clip)

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