El Deafo

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El Deafo

Author: Cece Bell

Title: El Deafo

3 Main Events:1.Cece finds out she is deaf.2.Cece calls herself El Deafo for the first time.3.When her and Martha make up.

SettingsThe settings in the book are Cece's house, school, and around Cece's neighborhood. And for a short part in the book it takes place in Cece's old neighborhood when she was younger.

Main Characters:1. Cece: El Deafo2. Martha: Cece's best friend3. Mike: Cece's crush4. Ginny: Cece's friend5. Laura: Cece's old friend

Bookreport by: Maddie Drew

The Major Theme/s:


I think that the main theme/lesson of the book is to not be afraid of who you are. This is because Cece was the only person in her school to be deaf. But instead of being sad about it she embraced being deaf and was proud of who she was and that helped her gain confidence and be herself.


"Yea thats right!"....."Just call me EL DEAFO!"

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I liked the book because the ending was good and it helped me like the book even more because I know that it is a true story about a girl who was actually deaf and had to find confidence at her school and in her neighborhood.





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