El Deafo

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El Deafo

Author: Cece Bell

Title: El Deafo

3 Main Events:1.Cece gets Meningitis2.Cece gets Hearing Aids/Phonic ear3.Cece moves away and meets a new friend named Martha Ann

SettingsThe setting of El Deafo is during Cece's everyday life, at school,at her house,at her friends house, and outside in her home town of Roanoke, Virginia.

Main Characters:1.Cece Bell2.Martha Ann3.Jennie

Bookreport by: Clay Massey

The Major Theme/s:


The main lesson is that deaf people aren't very different than regular people like us. Cece tries to cover her Phonic ear by putting clothes over it because she thought she would be bullied. She was not bullied at her school.


Pg.23 ''I dont like the way my hearing aid looks, either, so I cover it up with some '' real clothes''. I think this is important because it symbolizes what she feels like when she gets the Phonis ear.It symbolizes that she doesn't want to be different from everyone else.

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This book really wasn't my favorite because I don't really understand why everyone had bunny ears or why it was cartoon and comic. It just wasn't that good to me because it didn't have any action.





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