El Deafo

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El Deafo

Author: CeCe Bell

Title: El Deafo

3 Main Events:1.Cece going froman all deaf school to a normal school.2.Cece finding out she can hear the teacher everywhere.3.Ceces phonic ear breaks and she can not wear it for a month.

SettingsThe setting is mainly at school but sometimes it is at her house.

Main Characters:1.Cece2.Laura3.Mike Miller4. Ginny5.Cece's mom

Bookreport by: James Simmons

The Major Theme/s:


The main theme is to have confidence in yourself even if you have cords coming out of your ears. You cant let people judge you and bring you down. Life is too short to live it mad and sad.


One important quote is " Were in the same universe at least" because everyone may have there differences but all in all were all the same. You should always to be friends with people.

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My opinion on the book is that interesting how she keeps trying to get new friends even with her phonic ear. Most people dont like her because she looks different and weird. She finally findds true friends that are not bothered by her Phonic ear.





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