El Baix Llobregat

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El Baix Llobregat

It's situated in Monserrat , It's 500 meters long. It was created thousand and thousand years ago. It has stalactites and stalagmites inside the cave, too it has natural passageways inside the cave.

This place is the representation of all the important monuments from Catalonia and It's made in miniature.Catalonia in miniature has very interestings activities like climbing or others extreme sports. It is a National Touristic CenterIt's situated in Can Balasch de baix,

Catalonia in miniature

El Baix Llobregat

coves del salinitre

This castel was built in the X century and it was situated in the middle of the mountain. It was taken by arabs.

castelldefels castel

This bridge was built inX a.c. The arch is the main part of the bridge that is still preserved today.

the living manger

Devil's Bridge

This religious scene is the representation of the birth of Jesus and his mother Maria and his father José .


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