EL and SPED Students

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EL and SPED Students

EL and SPED Studentsby: Melanie Robertson Tasha Levin

In order to distinguish between an EL and a student who qualifies for SPED when the child exhibits difficulty in speaking, it is important to consider if the child also has a tough time speaking in their primary language, the subject matter they are learning and the way they are being taught, and any cultural factors which have the potential to impact the child’s language or interactions in the classroom.

Websites and Articles to use as Resouces for the parents and teachers of ELs and SPED students:

.write clearly defined language objectives to help provide learning focus.explicitly link content to students’ backgrounds and experiences .emphasize key vocabulary.multiple exposures to new words and opportunities to use them . use system to help students track vocab.use speech appropriate for students’ level of proficiency.build on prior knowledge.incorporate visual aids.scaffold lessons.access to educational materials/assignments in advance

. maintain well-managed, structured classroom environment.remain flexible and patient with student. outline and review classroom routines to make transitions easier and to help the student feel safe and secure.review new subject matter or assignments ahead of time. supplement lessons with visual aids. technology-aided instruction (NIMAS).make content comprehensible and accessible by speaking clearly and slowly.provide instructions for assignments and assessments orally . minimize distractions in classroom

Accommodations for ELs in the Classroom

Accommodations for SPED Students in the Classroom

Distinguishing Between EL & SPED Students

As the child’s teacher, it is essential to observe the student in the classroom and collaborate with the SST at the school site to determine if the child is struggling with the challenges of being an EL, or if the student may also have a learning disability. ELs often have active thinking processes, prior knowledge, and schema in their primary language, but SPED students may lack these experiences and references when they process and express language.

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