Einstein's General Theory of Relativity (by talkgamer2me)

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Einstein's General Theory of Relativity (by talkgamer2me)

Einstein's Theory of General Relativity


By: Maria Sable

energy = (mass)(speed of light)²

e = mc²

Then he came up with the famous:

The big conclusions of Einstein's 1916 Theory of General Relativity:~ Both time and space are relative (they depend on viewpoint)~ Light travels at a constant speed, and nothing can travel as fast as light~ Rays of light bend in the presence of a gravitational field~ The universe is constantly expanding

WHO CARES?It provided a unified description of gravity as a geometric property of spacetimeGPS systems would not be possible without Einstein's theory of relativity.Philosophy: things depend on viewpoint. If time and space aren't absolute, what is?

But first, Einstein came up with his Theory of Special Relativity...



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