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Einstein Glog

Albert Einstein

By Haru Watts


Albert Einstein was born in 1879, He was the son of Hermann and Pauline Einstein. His father was an engineer. Einstein was a very good student, contrary to common belief. He received his education at Swiss Federal Polytechnic and the University of Zurich. He taught at many universities such as Charles-Ferdinand University, ETH Zurich, and did lectures at the University of Princeton.

Einstein at age 14

Einstein died on April 17, 1955 from internal bleeding. Interestingly, he requested to not have surgery, preferring to die on his own terms. But that wasn't all that happened. During the autopsy, a man named Thomas Stoltz Harvey took Einstein's brain. To replace the brain, he stuffed the head full of cotton instead. He then lost his job at Princeton, but kept the brain. He ended up cutting chunks of it off and sending it to researchers. Surprisingly, his brain was smaller than an ordinary brain, contrary to popular belief at the time.

World War II

Being Jewish, Einstein was very lucky that he was visiting America when Adolf Hitler came to power. Obviously, he didn't return to Germany. Being a pacifist, Albert did not help build atomic bombs or any other types of warfare. However, he did warn Roosevelt that the Nazis might be trying to make atomic bombs, and that they were willing to use them.

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Einstein is well known for his scientific discoveries such as (You might've heard about it at some point.)He also discovered wave–particle duality, theory of critical opalescence, and wave–particle duality. He worked with other scientists such as Conrad Habicht and Maurice Solovine.



Thomas Stoltz Harvey, with a bit of Einstein's brain

Death (and a bit of what happened after his death)


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