Eiffel Tower - Renata, Francesca, and Mi Ha

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Eiffel Tower - Renata, Francesca, and Mi Ha

The Eiffel TowerFrancesca C., Renata R., & Seung Mi Ha

*324 meters tall*Uses about 12,000 iron pieces and 7 million nails*Took two years to build

The Eiffel Tower was built for the World Exhibition in 1889, to celebrate the French Revolution (1789), and was only supposed to last during the exposition.Gustave Eiffel designed it, and he is also known for the iron frame of the Statue of Liberty.The peak of the statue has been used to measure the wind, and send the first radio and television signals.In 1954, a mountaineer climbed the tower, and two Englishmen parachuted off of it in 1984. In 1923 a journalist rode a bicycle down from the tower.Was the world's tallest building until 1930 - Chrysler Building.

*Sways 12 cm with strong winds*Height varies 15 cm depending on temperature

It is built of pure structural iron, and its four pillars are aligned with the cardinal directions. It has three platforms available to the public, at about 58 meters, 116 meters, and 273 meters. The tower was also used for experiments regarding aerodynamics.Click this text for an article about the formulas used for its construction.Gustave Eiffel worried about the force of the wind, and so the tower is able to stand five times the strongest wind it ever receives.

Paris is the capital of France, the largest country in Europe.It was founded more than 2000 years ago.It has more than 2.2 million inhabitants.Both the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum are in Paris.

*It was built in several pieces, with different formulas for each*It needed to be mathematically able to withstand the wind, weight, and other factors*The model we did in this project used geometry, line equations, slopes, coordinate planes, points, and much more, that we use in class


When Hitler visited Paris, the cables of the lifts were cut so he would have to take the stairs. He refused.

Used in the capture of Mata Hari in WWI, by intercepting radio signals from spies.



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