Egypt's Kingdoms and Pharoahs

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Egypt's Kingdoms and Pharoahs

(Above) Pharoah AmenhotepTried to get Egypt to worship only one god ,Aton. But Egyptian priest and citezens did not agree with it and Egypt lost alot of land during Amenhotep's rule due to poor leadership.He was the father of "King Tut".

Egypt's Kingdoms and Pharoahs

Important Pharoahs Ahmose (top right) defeated the Hyksos and started the New Kingdom.Hatshepsut (top left) was one of very few women to ever rule Egypt. During her rule Egypt increased trade.Ramses II (bottom left) was one of the most sucessful Egyptian pharoahs that conquered Caanan and reighed for 66 years."King Tut" (bottom right) became pharoah when he was only ten and ruled with the help of his advisors and priest.

When the pharoahs in Memphis became weak many nobles rose up to take the place of these pharoahs. Finally a new dynasty of pharoahs came into control and this started what is called the Golden Age in Egypt, the Middle Kingdom. They moved the capital from Memphis south to Thebes. During the Middle Kingdom Egypt conquered many lands and expanded there teritory. More chanels for irragation were built and farming fields expanded to grow more food. Also the pharoahs consturcted a canal that connected the Nile river with the Red Sea so they can send goods south down the Red Sea then out towards Arabia. After a period of peace Egyptians started to rebel against the pharoahs and fell into vilence. With Egypt being weak the Hyksos captured them fighting on horse back. Which gave them the advantage over the Egyptians

Egypt's Middle Kingdom

Egypt's trade increased throuugh the kingdoms and traded wheat, paper, gold, copper, tin, and tools to the Phoenicians for wood, furniture, purple dye, and insence in the New Kingdom. The Egyptians had to trade for wood because trees did not grow well around the Nile.

Egyptian Phariahs in the New Kingdom made many political ties with neighboring nations like The Babylonian Empire, the Mittani in Syria, and the Hittite Empire.Which was the first time a group of nations worked together towards a common goal.

Egypt's Politics


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