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Social Studies
Ancient History

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I learned that the Egyptians were very advanced. They created their own language, and invented some useful tools. They also built big structures in large cities, and carved things into temple walls.

ReligionThe Egyptians had polytheisticbeliefs. They believed in many gods, and worshipped them. The Egyptians believed in afterlife, and souls. They believed that all strange phenomenon were linked to their gods.

Ancient Egypt had hot and humid summers, and cool winters. The climate zone would be Mediteranean coast. In the day the weather tended to be a warm, or hot sunny day. In the winter the temperatures can drop down to 49 degrees farenheit. Land Features:In Egypt the people relied on the rivers; especially the Nile River. Not only did it make fertile lands along it's banks, but it served as a conduit for trading with other cultures. Egypt also had many, many mines to dig in for gold and other precious metals and minerals. There are also oases. An Oasis is a piece of land in a desert that has its own water source.

The history of Egypt and the Indus Valley Civillization

InventionsPapyrus Sheets- A papyrus sheet is the paper that they used to write on. When they weren't carving stories into temple walls, they'd write on papyrus sheets, to keep a record.The pen- The Egyptians created a pen to make the records on payrus sheets.

The Egyptians used a form of writing called Heiroglyphics. It was pictures, and lines, and shapes. They would write about everyday life, and the pharoahs. They were written on slate, and walls. If they were written on walls they were usually in temples, describing gods.

These are Egyptian pens.

Below is a video about Howard Carter, and Tutenkhamens tomb. Howard Carter is one of the people who was involved in finding/ digging up Tut's tomb. Video Duration Time: 4 minutes.All original rights to YouTube.



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